Will A Blowdry Make You A Better Boss?

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If you’re too busy to read this, I’ll let you into a little secret. No, a blow dry probably won’t make you a better boss. However, failing to make time for yourself absolutely will impair your ability to lead.

It’s hard being in charge. Everyday presents a new and exciting way to drive you slightly mad. With an olympic gold in spinning plates, you’ve got one eye on your budget, one on the future and a few in the back of your head trained on your team.

Chances are you’re on first name terms with the cleaners and security guard who let you in every morning and out every night. But is this first in last out attitude really the right way to work or are you heading for burnout?

Work related stress costs the UK economy an insane £70 billion a year but do you know how to spot the signs?

An inability to concentrate, frequent clashes with your peers and subpar work are all early warning signs that you’re working too hard. Overtime, these symptoms can mushroom into anxiety and depression, making it impossible to get the most out of life.

We all know prevention is better than cure so what can you do to shake off stress before it transforms into something way more sinister?

At its most basic, you need to do something everyday that makes you happy, gets you away from your desk and forces you to switch off for at least 40 minutes every day. For example, it’s almost impossible to contribute to a conference call when you’re getting a blow dry. Plus you’ll leave feeling fabulous.

“You need to do something everyday that makes you happy”

Some need to get sweaty, others centered. For some women it’s a back, neck and shoulders massage, for others it’s 5 rounds with a PT and a punch bag. With a limited amount of time before, during or after work, whatever floats your boat needs to be accessed as quickly and easily as possible.

I launched Nourish in the heart of the business district for this exact reason. As a personal trainer, I’ve seen first hand the impact a good weights or yoga session has on stressed out women. As a business owner, I finally understand why those early morning, lunchtime or after work sessions are so important.

My tolerance, decision making and efficiency go through the roof when I start the day with a 7am yoga class. Twice a week I even manage to squeeze a PT session in between operations meetings and HR tasks. It’s not easy, but after 18 months renovating and launching a luxury fitness club alongside raising a toddler, I know it’s the only strategy for keeping me sane.

If I’m being honest, I built Nourish to fit my needs. I don’t have time to criss cross town between yoga classes, work and hair appointments. Keeping all things wellness in one place is just one less thing for me to worry about.

There’s no shame in admitting work’s getting to you. However, there’s no excuse for you not taking the time you need to set things straight.

Nourish is Liverpool’s first exclusively female boutique gym, yoga studio and spa. I’d love to show you around.




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