Be Kind to Yourself: How to get ‘Back to Business’ the Nourish way

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Whether you’re heading back to work after taking time out for the school summer holidays, a week or two break for a relaxing holiday or even going back to your job after taking maternity leave. No matter the amount of time you’ve had off for many you’ll just be getting used to having free time away from work. It’s a time when feelings grow, the adrenalin kicks in and fear, anxiety or even excitement arises, going back to work however will undoubtable effect your mind, heart and body whilst you adjust.

With these overwhelming and sometimes stressful feelings, what is the advice for women who are heading back to work? Getting you’re ‘A-game’ back may not happen overnight and any emotions about going back to work are completely normal, but there are ways that women can help turn this experience into one that is manageable and more enjoyable. As working women ourselves here at Nourish, we want to lend a helping hand and recommend ways on how to best deal with heading back to work.

Every experience in going back to work is different, for some it’s excitement and others a dreaded thought. Remarkably some women find it is a breeze but for many it’s a hard step to take. We advise women to be forward thinking in their approach, there are so many aspects involved in heading back to work and it takes a while to get back into the swing of things.

For women who have had children this this can be especially daunting with what may seem like a million and one things to organise and do. A study based on interviews from over 700 women from the newly released “The Fifth Trimester” book, represented working women from a range of professions including; police officers, teachers, doctors, lawyers, Fortune 500 executives, business owners, waitresses and freelancers. It found that many shared similar stresses and apprehensions about going back to work. The most interesting and talked about topic amongst these women was the importance of emotional health for a woman.

That said the importance of self-care is significant, but finding time in hectic schedules is difficult, we at Nourish HQ have experienced it ourselves and after speaking with some of our clients have come up with a few ways to ensure you eliminate any self-sacrifice in your life and find the boost and extra energy needed to head back to work.

Set Aside Me-time

You probably hear it all of them time but for many women me-time isn’t included in their routines. It’s important to have regular time out for something that you can enjoy. Work-life balance is always hard to find and generally an issue for working women and mothers. In particular juggling a shed load of responsibilities can leave to you feeling exhausted and emotionally and physically drained. Either a new phrase or chapter in your life or just trying to maintain a good balance can be extremely difficult, so setting out and finding a routine will create the time and space for you to relax and experience the ‘me-time’ you’ve been seeking for.

We understand that it isn’t always as easy said than done, but at Nourish we always consider women’s lives first and the busy lifestyles that you can lead, therefore having the flexibility for time out is catered for by our opening hours of 7am until 9pm.

Reduce Stress Levels

Exercise has been proven to reduce stress levels, when you considered your health mostly you think about bettering your physical health and how it affects your body, weight, muscles and organs. However, health encompasses your overall wellbeing which includes your mental health too. Stress is something that many people are forced to live with and even though most consider it as a problematic issue you can however use stress to achieve positive outcomes and for some this is channelled into exercise to better your emotional health and elevate any negativity that may impact your wellbeing.

Endorphins are released during exercise which helps to; reduce negativity and stress levels, increase positivity and sends ‘feel good’ neurotransmitters to your brain – making you ultimately to feel better than you did before you exercised. Nourish have a range of memberships to choose from so if you’re looking for one that you can quickly receive a hit of endorphins and feel instantly better than the GYM BUNNY LUXE membership would be suited to you which includes; access to the spa and gym, 10% discount on selected in-house treatments, a nutrition guide, gym introduction plan, body analysis and a quarterly friend pass. If you’re seeking for motivation from like-minded women the SISTERHOOD membership includes full access to all classes and the spa, initial nutrition guide and body analysis, 10% discount on selected in-house treatments, a quarterly bring a friend pass. Or if you’re looking for the full wellbeing package the TRIPLE A TRIBE gives you access to all areas, a further 15% off selected in-house treatments, quarterly friends pass, initial nutrition guide, gym induction, and body analysis, and a personalised training plan.

Take Care of Yourself

Taking care of yourself can be completely ignored by some women. Yet being kind to yourself should play an important role in your hectic lifestyle and routine. Aside from making more time for yourself, all the hard work you have been doing should also be acknowledged. True beauty shines within but that doesn’t mean you may occasionally need a helping hand to be and feel pampered every once in a while.

Before or after commitments, or even spending the whole day to relax in the spa, time should be taken to be kind and a spa or treatment may just be the blessing you’ve been waiting for. Nourish provides a place that helps women to switch off and indulge in relaxation and self-care. Beauty and skin treatments make you feel more refreshed, youthful and leave you feeling confident – be it booking into the Nail Bar for a manicure or the Blow Bar for a cut and blow.

Treatments and spa packages like the ATHENA can offer a Swedish deep tissue back, neck and shoulder massage, and nourishing facial to make you feel recharged or the VENUS spa package which includes a 1 hour hot stone full body massage, 30 minute nourishing facial, luxury manicure and pedicure, blow dry and full face makeup will leave you feeling indulged and ready to take on your next challenge.




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