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Summer in the Liverpool means only one thing; festival time! As us brits jet off across the world seeking sun and beach fun, our main UK summer experiences are spent dancing in the fields at festivals. Whether you’re a dance-loving one-dayer (look to Creamfields, Lovebox or Parklife) or in it for the long-haul (Glastonbury, Kendal Calling, Hideout or Secret Garden Party) our love for making these musical memories mean that we take getting festival ready as a serious summer essential. Here at Nourish, our festival lovers back at HQ are on hand to help.

Plan, prep and be ready!

Hard core festival goers (Isle of Wight/ Reading & Leeds we’re talking to you) will appreciate when we say prepping is the most essential part of attending a festival. There is nothing worse than having the daily beauty chore that us women endure such as shaving our legs and underarms (yes, we’re talking about the 5 o’clock shadow!). We suggest unpacking the throwaway razors and booking yourself in for a professional wax.

Get down and glow

Now that our regrowth has been addressed, next up is ensuring our glowing festival skin is prepped and ready for our denim shorts and crop tops. Save the instant tan for Saturday night ladies, you’ve got a long weekend of ahead of you. Exfoliate your entire body, focusing on knees and elbows and attend your pre-booked spray tan (as you’re festival organised of course) to ensure you’re streak free and get that gorgeous golden tan you’ve been dreaming of. Trust us it will make your life a whole lot easier and care free whilst you’re breaking down the dance moves at LIMF and Festival No.6!

Roll up, roll up

Become care hair free, that’s right at festivals we don’t have the luxury of straighteners or curling wands at our beck and call, so we’ll let you into a secret of ours on how to keep your hair looking effortless over the weekend without the need for electricity. Our secret? A curly blow and pin curls of course! The trick is to get yourself a curly blow either the night before or the morning before your leaving to the festival. Before you go to bed brush your hair, get some bobby pins, section out two inch pieces of hair, curl and roll your hair up and around two fingers until you reach your scalp and pin in place. The whole process take only a couple of minutes, sleep on it, remove the pin curls the next morning and just like magic you have another day of flawless looking hair! Just because were at a festival doesn’t mean our hair has too look crazy like we’ve never seen a hairbrush before!

Shine bright like a diamond

Not only is ‘Kendall Calling’ this summer but so is glitter and the metallic colours. As this year’s festival look is all about metallic eyes and glittery faces, whether you’re going to Latitude or Bestival, we’ve put together our own metallic tier Gold, Silver and Bronze packages together to help you look festival flawless. Take a helping of our festival advice and be ready in time for this summer’s biggest festivals.




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