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By Grace McGinnis

Here at Nourish, we know that Summer can be both a blessing and a curse to women.

Yes the days are filled with more sunshine than normal and it gives us the chance to exercise outside, sit on sun drenched parks and take in that all important fresh air.

But it’s also the time when we have to bear a bit more flesh than normal and primp and preen following a long winter of covering up.

All is not lost. We know there are some sure-fire ways to get yourself Summer ready in an instant and our specialist team are on hand to help you, every step of the way.

Here are our top five tips to get ready for Summer:

  1. Make hydration a habit 

We can be so busy that we don’t stop to pause for that vital water break. It’s hard to think that two litres is the minimum requirement each day and even those who pound the treadmill daily at the Nourish gym can even admit to neglecting their bodies of the vital amounts of H2O. Not only can we neglect our bodies from the water it requires to keep us healthy but it can also leave our skin feeling very dry. As it’s officially summer and 2017’s latest trend is to have perfectly glowing skin, here are a few easy ways to keep our body hydrated this summer.

Aloe Vera water. Have you heard of it? Yes it is a thing. Aloe Vera is known for its healing properties in helping hydrate and repair skin. It’s been proven that the wealth of nutrients aloe vera contains like, vitamins A, C, E and B12 can provide a powerful source of antioxidants to help balance our metabolism and boost our immune system, whilst reducing swelling and redness. Perfect for that post yoga fix. Coconut water also has huge benefits and there are plenty of new flavours on the market to suit any taste.

Investing in a good water bottle is like investing in a good pillow or the right trainers – they will soon become your best friend! Evidence has shown that there is no real health benefit from drinking bottled water over tap water. Therefore, we suggest in getting yourself a water bottle that you can fill up and carry with you on the go. Our favourite is an infusion water bottle where you can add a kick of extra goodness from fruits such as; blueberries, strawberries, mint and lemon. Providing an essential boost of antioxidants to stay effortlessly healthy and hydrated.

  1. Get motivated 

It’s hard to stay motivated 24/7 – whether that’s getting up early in the mornings and making the most of your day or going to the gym. If you’ve fallen into the same old unmotivated pattern, then it’s ok you can start fresh, even reading this blog! That’s the best thing about motivation you can start it at any point, so we suggest to ‘rethink positive thinking’ so that you start to feel more motivated. As the summer months arise, the nights get shorter and the days become longer, so make sure you use this time well.

Be a sunrise person by setting your mind up for a day of motivation by heading to the gym to work out or attending a gym class to start your day off right. We recommend either our Sunrise Sisters or Triple A Tribe membership that gives you the opportunity to sweat it out in the gym and squeeze in some time for positive thinking and relaxation after at our spa. The days when you feel unmotivated, don’t worry you can bring a friend along for free* to give you the extra support you need to get yourself motivated!

Or if you fancy surrounding yourself with some nature and like feeling the sun on your skin, grab a yoga matt and practice yoga outside. Make time for some relaxation, a quick feel-good motivational thought and open your mind to the outside elements that you’ve been missing out on.

  1. Rainbow of goodness

Summer’s just started which means we’ll be seeing a lot more colour around. The colourful life we are about to lead shouldn’t just be the greenery and flowers we’ve been waiting all year to see, it should also reflect on our plates in the food we eat too. Yes, a colourful plate really can keep the doctor away.

Health experts advise that eating the most colourful of foods can help to maintain a healthy and balanced diet, reduce obesity and health problems such as diabetes and high cholesterol. We have in-house nutritionists at Nourish (we don’t get the name from just anywhere!) who are on hand to offer tailored and personal advice on the best foods for you and when to eat them around the rest of your routine. So  let us help you to get creative and feed yourself up with a rainbow of goodness.

  1. Glowing skin

Drinking water can help us to hydrate our skin but how else can we get that real glowing look that is hot on trend now? It’s time to invest in our skin, which means revisiting our summer skin routine. Did I hear wedding and party season? Yes, that means looking your best and showing everyone how flawless you are without the hassle of countless products. Embrace the goddess in you by showing off your radiant skin with a Nourish facial and get that ever-glowing look with a full body spray tan. A perfect way to get yourself feeling party and festival ready this summer.

  1. Nail the summer look

This year it’s all about looking flawless. Tip to toe, summer is the season to be well groomed and make a statement with our fingernails and toes. That means it’s time to prep our legs after a year of being covered up by getting them seductively smooth and shiny with a waxing treatment to ensure we make the most of the British summer. Smooth to the touch legs might be in but un-kept nails are certainly out. Whether it’s a classic french, grown-up glitter or cuticle jewellery, a nail statement is this summer’s new look. Invest in your whole body this season with a treatment card and be ready for the summer!




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