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Our in-house yogi Georgi Mulholland’s day is thriving with great practice, a rainbow of foods and helping guests at Nourish be at one with the space. Here she tells us how her day looks from sunrise to a peaceful finish.

Q. What time do you wake up and what is the first thing you do?

A. I wake up at 5am and the first thing I do is freshen up, stick on something comfy and take my dog out. A bit of fresh air helps to start the day!

Q.  What is your typical morning routine?

A. On a weekend I begin with self-practice, pranayama and a yoga practise that feels good for me that day. I then get washed and dressed, usually into leggings (a yoga teachers staple). I start every day with a homemade smoothie – my favourite is avocado, blueberry, mango and strawberry. I then prepare all my food for the day before heading out.

Q. What time do you start work and talk to us about your morning?

A. I arrive at work for 6:45am but I tend to teach a class at 7:15 am. A nice vinyasa flow to bring awareness to the breath and revitalise the body for the day – Sunrise Yoga if you’re searching on our app. Once finished I then begin my morning routine at Nourish by making sure everything is in order. We want our guests to receive a fully holistic experience so it’s important we make Nourish comforting and refreshing to all the senses, whether that be the music, lighting or even fresh towels.

Q. When’s break time and what do you do? What do you eat/drink?

A. Break time usually consists of me doing some sort of stretching and eating! I have a wonderful diet that I really enjoy and love. I’m completely plant-based and focus on an ayurvedic approach to nutrition and lifestyle. That guides me towards seasonal vegetables and a deep connection to the world around me.

Q. Talk us through the afternoon at Nourish and what your roles are?

A. Afternoons at Nourish are a lot of fun; we have a lot of members coming in to the space to work through their fitness and wellness routines. We make sure we’re always able to assist them with their workouts and create a safe and comfortable space for them to relax and chat about all things ‘woman’. I am also host to the beauty side of the business, ensuring our clients who are in for beauty and other holistic treatments are comfortable, informed of our services and welcomed fully into Nourish.

Q. Can you tell us what you listen to on your way home from work?

A. I listen to a wide variety of music, Blues, Folk, Classical Indian Music, my favourite of all Chinmaya Dunster, and whatever mixes my husband is throwing together at home!

Q. What does a typical evening look like for you? 

A. My evenings are usually pretty full until around 8pm. This is because I guide private and group classes, along with ayurvedic massages. I then make sure I get an hour or two of quality time with my husband including eating together, and then I just take time to unwind and settle into the night. I find macrame very relaxing and enjoy working with crystal jewellery too.

Q. What do you google of an evening and what social media streams do you look at?

A. I mainly google for learning purposes, that is to expand my practice and knowledge of Yoga and positive lifestyle, and also vegan food shares on Instagram!

Q. Who do you follow avidly on social media?

A. I’m definitely an Instagram girl! I like the idea of a single image expressing a message. I follow a lot of tattoo artists, yogis, women’s health and wellbeing activists, and jewellery makers along with a variety of dog enthusiasts too!

I look mainly for inspiration and positivity in every aspect of my life, yes it’s a balance but I truly thrive off the collective power of consciousness, and embrace that in myself. I follow Gaby Om (a sensational yogini), Guru Jagat (an inspirational sister), Torre Washington (vegan body builder),  Red.School (an inclusive and inspiring collective who empower the menstrual journey of women)… Among others!

Q, At the end of the day where is your sanctuary?

A. My Sanctuary is my home. I have put a lot of thought and love into each room and I’m blessed to have a very creative and passionate husband who has manifested my visions and created a small studio in my home for me. I’m definitely an outdoors kind of girl! But it’s lovely after a long day to come home to somewhere that reflects who you are and holds beautiful memories.

Q. What helps you to sleep?

A. I have absolutely no trouble sleeping! I wake early and eat well throughout the day, along with quite a lot of exercise, which I love. We do however have a Himalayan salt lamp in the bedroom and I enjoy frankincense and sandalwood oil as they really settle my mind. It’s taken me a good few years to really listen to my body and accept what it is I need. A 10pm bedtime and a rainbow of foods definitely hits the spot!




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