NEWS: Brisk Demand By Arabic Women Creative Hair and Make-Up

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A surge in treatments in hair and beauty for women in the Arab community has soared according to Nourish founder Grace McGinnis

Hundreds of women in Liverpool seeking female-only destinations to be pampered and preened is on the rise.

As the biggest Arab Arts Festival the city has ever seen draws to a close this weekend Nourish has talked of its increase in customers from the Arab community due to its strict privacy policy.

Grace McGinnis founder of Nourish said: “Women in the Arab community can’t always have their hair or makeup done in normal circumstances and here at Nourish we can offer them a secluded and strictly female-only space where they can get relax and unwind without any worry.”

Emerging trends

As a result of this surge in popularity a hairdresser and makeup artist has been brought on board as a specialist in Asian hair and beauty.

Grace and the team have gradually seen a steady rise in the number of Arabic women working and being educated in the city, from places such as Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Kuwait.

Private and secluded

Grace said: “There are certain countries where our customers are from where there are very strict laws and we can help them here at Nourish to stay private and out of contact with men if needed.

“But with other countries and influences coming in that are a little more Westernised, we can also answer their calls for pastel or bright hair, more outlandish make-up and certainly short hair trends that we are seeing at the moment.”

The full package

Nourish offers a series of Yoga and Pilates classes throughput the week, from first thing in the morning sunrise to last thing in the day. The times can centre around the Muslim prayer calendar so that women can exercise and abide by their faith at the same time.

Join us

This weekend Nourish will be spreading their story at the Arab Arts Festival LAF Unison family day at Sefton Palm House on Sunday, July 16.

Grace McGinnis added: “It’s a really important time to make sure we are inclusive and respectful of the Arab community and we are proud to be supporting multiculturalism in the city.”




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